Sylvianne Roscam Abbing

PhD student in the High-Harmonic Generation and EUV Science group.

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When first investigating ARCNL as an option for a PhD position, I got excited of the fact that ARCNL combines both research and industry. Combining those two fields in a job was my first choice. I also liked the idea that ARCNL had just started as a new research center and that there are many young people working at ARCNL. The atmosphere at ARCNL is motivating and cozy. After working here for a few months I know everybody in the institute by name, which makes me feel welcome.

Working with top notch equipment, in a field that is expanding rapidly and has an impact on society, makes my research challenging but also very encouraging.
It is clear that ARCNL is a joint collaboration. Trying to find solutions and answers to scientific questions, and at the same time keeping in mind how the solutions can be applied to industry requires thinking from different perspectives at the same time.

I am proud of my work because I can work together with many different people and actually make things happen in the lab.

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