Due to the Covid-19 outbreak ARCNL has, until further notice, closed its offices and labs for all visitors. ARCNL can be reached by e-mail: All employees work from home and can be contacted by e-mail; you can find all e-mail addresses here.

Packages can be delivered at neighbor institute AMOLF, located at Science Park 102.

Manager operations: Marjan Fretz

ARCNL secretarial office
08:30-17:00 hrs
P. +31(0)20 851 7100

Research groups

Director – Joost Frenken

Computational Imaging – group leader: Arie den Boef
Contact Dynamics – group leaders: Bart Weber / Steve Franklin
EUV Generation & Imaging – group leaders: Stefan Witte / Kjeld Eikema
EUV Photoresists – group leader: Fred Brouwer (a.i.)
EUV Plasma Processes – group leaders: Oscar Versolato / Ronnie Hoekstra / Wim Ubachs
Light-Matter Interaction – group leader: Paul Planken
High-Harmonic generation and EUV science – group leader: Peter Kraus
Materials & Surface Science for EUV Lithography – group leader: Roland Bliem
Nanolayers – group leader & ARCNL director: Joost Frenken
Nanophotochemistry – group leader: Fred Brouwer
Nanoscale Imaging and Metrology – group leader: Lyuba Amitonova

Support departments shared with AMOLF

Mechanical Design – group leader: Ilya Cerjak
Precision Manufacturing – group leader: Jan van der Linden
Electronics Engineering – group leader: Dico Kruining
Software Engineering – group leader: Marco Konijnenburg

ICT – group leader: Cees van der Ven
Facilities services – group leader: Andre Dijkslag
Health & Safety (ARBO) – group leader: Bram van der Gaag

Finance – group leader: Jeroen Weijers
Communications – group leader: Erny Lammers
Human resources – group leader: Wouter Harmsen

Library – librarian: Oana Draghici