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ARCNL Disclaimer & Cookies


ARCNL has taken great care in compiling the content of this website. These electronically available texts are intended to provide general information to the public and researchers. No rights can be derived from these texts. ARCNL is not liable for the use made of this information by third parties or for the third-party documents that can be accessed via these electronic documents. In the case of discrepancies compared with official printed ARCNL documents the printed text prevails, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The information and contact addresses on this website are explicitly not intended for use related to aims outside the scope of ARCNL. Without a permission in writing of ARCNL, it is not allowed to put email addresses or other information of this site in databases, files or products in connection with a similar use.

Automated or serial mailing of email or other kinds of electronic messages to several email addresses of ARCNL employees is essentially seen as abuse. An exception will be made in case the employees in question individually gave permission to this mailing.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer during your visit to a website. It stores information that a website recognises during a later visit.

ARCNL uses cookies for web statistics. We do that to understand how visitors use the website. This information helps us to improve our website. Cookies like these do not affect your privacy, as the data are anonymised. They therefore fall under the exception of the cookies regulation in the Dutch Telecommunications Act. This means that ARCNL does not need to ask permission for placing these cookies.

You can switch cookies off via your browser. However, doing that might make the use of our websites more difficult.