Why work at ARCNL?

At ARCNL your science is both curiosity driven and serves a clear societal purpose. For this, you will frequently interact with industrial partner ASML. ARCNL is a young and vibrant organization where people with a shared passion find each other. Opportunities to talk to fellow researchers and senior group leaders are plentiful. Your own research group will be small (about 8 people) facilitating close collaboration. At ARCNL you are surrounded by excellent scientists and dedicated group technicians. The institute is located at the Amsterdam Science Park: home to one of the largest concentrations of exact sciences in Europe.
ARCNL is an inclusive institute where researchers from all over the world work together. The institute wishes to attract more female scientists and technicians. One of the ways to achieve this is our participation in the NWO program Women In Science Excel (WISE).
Continuing your career: Organizations such as Philips, TNO and ASML are keen on employing our PhD students and postdocs. Read the story of ARCNL alumnus Pavel Antonov –Proud pioneering PhD student

Meet Fiona Elam

‘Why Does Friction Limit Our Ability to Make Smarter Computer Chips?’
Since leaving university, I’ve always known that I want to do something more applied and see the benefit of what I’m working on in a real life situation…

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Coming from abroad?

If you come from abroad ARCNL will assist you with your search for housing and if necessary with the procedures to get a residence permit, health care insurance and any other official matters. The HR department also takes care of the reimbursement of relocation costs. Do you want to know more about living in Amsterdam?

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Meet Stephen Edward

‘Ultrasound isn’t just for Babies. It could also help build a better computer chip’
When I joined four years ago and my supervisor told me this was the project, I thought the idea sounded impossible……

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Meet Mengqi Du

‘My experiences line up with my expectations. I am exposed to research on various aspects of nanolithography. While trying to understand fundamental questions regarding the technology, I also get to know challenges in the industry.’

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