‘My experiences line up with my expectations. I am exposed to research on various aspects of nanolithography. While trying to understand fundamental questions regarding the technology, I also get to know challenges in the industry.’

Mengqi Du

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If you come from abroad ARCNL will assist you with your search for housing and if necessary with the procedures to get a residence permit, health care insurance and any other official matters. The HR department also takes care of the reimbursement of relocation costs. Do you want to know more about living in Amsterdam?

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‘As a PhD student I have the opportunity to work on a very interesting project that involves us as research team together with ASML collaborators. This allows me to have a closer look at how it is to work for a company like ASML.’

Alessandro Antoncecchi

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‘I am proud that we are bridging the gap between scientists and engineers, that we are contributing to the future of nanolithography and that we are helping students to become independent researchers.’

Bart Weber

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