Bartjan Spaanderman

Technician in the group of Roland Bliem

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Bartjan About a Recent Assignment

Bartjan Spaanderman ARCNL
A while ago my group leader Roland Bliem (Materials & Surface Science for EUVL) came to me with an interesting request. He wanted to get a set-up that would be able to generate hydrogen and nitrogen plasma for surface studies and asked me if I could fabricate this. Roland said he was able to provide me with a plasma source, and he required that this source would be connected to a clean vacuum chamber of a certain dimension.

Of course I picked up on this challenge and started looking for parts.

In the storage room I found a suitable vacuum chamber, a frame, a pump and a valve. I got to work!

When I had determined that all components were working properly and that there was no contamination present, I brought the vacuum chamber to the AMOLF workshop. Here they added a few extra ports that could come in handy for future purposes. One of those ideas was adding an ellipsometer that allows researchers to very precisely measure the thickness of material layers while they are being exposed to plasma.

The set-up is now ready to make plasma using nitrogen, but we will work on switching to hydrogen plasma in the future.

What I like about the set-up is that I was able to install web cams that make you see what happens inside.

I now have a video that was shot from inside the chamber while it generates plasma.

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