Bart Weber

Postdoc in the Contact Dynamics group.

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My research interests match those of the Contact Dynamics group at ARCNL. Also, I like it that ARCNL uniquely offers the opportunity to conduct academic research and impact the fast paced research and development at a multinational.

Our group makes meaningful contributions to the understanding and solving of tribology (the science of friction lubrication and wear) related challenges at ASML. I am in regular contact with the researchers and engineers at ASML: this is a source of inspiration for new research at ARCNL. I also closely collaborate with the University of Amsterdam.

I am proud that we are bridging the gap between scientists and engineers, that we are contributing to the future of

nanolithography and that we are helping students to become independent researchers.

The atmosphere at ARCNL is open, international and ARCNL is small enough for everybody to know everybody. If you like the things I mentioned, then I can definitely recommend becoming a scientist at ARCNL.

Update: Bart recently wrote an general science article about his research for Science Trends,
What Do Brakes, Basketball Shoes, And Earthquakes Have In Common?,, published online  May 6th, 2019

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