Dion Engels

Intern in the EUV Plasma Processes group

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I was searching for a location to graduate, going from professor to professor to ask if they had something nice. This is how I got in a meeting with Oscar Versolato and Randy Meijer, my supervisors, and I felt it would be a good place for my internship.

Of course, the actual work itself is very nice. I study plasma physics in Eindhoven, so the ASML source is something I knew about and aligns with my studies. I liked the fact that it was close to application and experimentally focused. This allows me to do things, go somewhere, and make something. I needed that after a year of sitting at home due to COVID-19.

Our group has a monthly meeting with engineers from ASML San Diego. Recently, we got some great results during my first experimental campaign (currently ongoing). When we showed this to the ASML San Diego people, they were very interested and happy to see it. This made me excited to continue since it had been what we had been working towards since I started.

ARCNL is truly a great place to do your internship with friendly and hard-working people, and get your hands dirty (figuratively) in the lab.

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