Alessandro Antoncecchi

PhD student in the EUV Generation and Imaging group.

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I was looking for a position that allowed me to continue doing research at a fundamental level but without neglecting the applicability of it. As a PhD student I have the opportunity to work on a very interesting project that involves us as research team together with ASML collaborators. This allows me to have a closer look at how it is to work for a company like ASML. For some of the planning of our work we have to align with the goals set by our collaborators. However, this is never a problem even in cases of divergent needs.

We always have the opportunity to investigate what we think is interesting. Our group managed to file some patents on the technique we are developing. Thinking that the results of my work will have an impact on the semiconductor industry makes me very proud of my work.

Working with very good scientists is always motivating and the friendly environment makes you self-confident and pushes you to discuss openly about your results and improvements. The institute’s ambitions are really high. The research topics are fascinating. And we have recently moved in a new and welcoming building.

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