High-Harmonic Generation and EUV Science

Group leader: Dr. Peter Kraus

Group Members

Former Group Members




Maarten van der Geest (left 2023) – now at Ministry of Environment

Sylvianne Roscam Abbing (left 2022) – now at ASML Research

Najmeh Sadegh (left 2022) – now at ASML D&E



Filippo Campi (left 2021) – now at ASML Research


Research internships:

Floor van Emmerik (B.Sc. thesis, 2023) – now at Universiteit van Amsterdam

Xaripha Schaad (B.Sc. thesis, 2023) – now at Vrije Universiteit

Hanya Zwaan (project internship, 2021) – now at University Utrecht

Brian de Keijzer (B.Sc. thesis, 2021) – back at HHG@ARCNL, and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Roy van der Linden (B.Sc. thesis and project internship, 2021) – back at HHG@ARCNL

Tomas Meerwijk (M.Sc. internship, 2020) – now at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

ZhuangYan Zhang (M.Sc. thesis, 2020) – now at MBI Berlin

Alexandra Zeltsi (M.Sc. thesis, 2020) – now at Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)

Evelien Wooning (B.Sc. thesis, 2019) – now at Universiteit van Amsterdam

Faegheh Sajjadian (project internship, 2018) – now at KU Leuven