Light-Matter Interaction

Group leader: Prof. dr. Paul Planken

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Looking for a MSc thesis project?

Looking for a MSc thesis project? In the Light-Matter interaction group at ARCNL we are looking for a motivated student who is interested in doing a research project on the generation and propagation of extremely high frequency ultrasound with frequencies approaching 1 THz = 1000 GHz. At these frequencies, sound wavelengths are a few tens of nanometers only

which is close to the typical sizes of nanocrystallites in layers of metals and other materials deposited using thermal evaporation or e-beam evaporation. In this project you will explore how the nanostructures influence the propagation and scattering of these sound waves. Since the sound waves are generated with powerful, tunable femtosecond laser systems, you will learn how to to use these systems and to use nonlinear optical techniques to create different optical wavelengths when necessary. The techniques we use include pump-probe techniques, transient-grating techniques and quite a few more, and may require some cleanroom training for sample fabrication.


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Jobs and Internships