Wim Ubachs farewell symposium

Published on October 17, 2022
Category EUV Plasma Processes
Photo: VU Amsterdam

ARCNL group leader and VU professor Wim Ubachs will step down at the end of this month. In honor of his extensive contributions to science a farewell symposium will be organized on Friday, October 21st at VU Amsterdam. Speakers at this symposium are long term colleagues, friends and collaborators of Ubachs, amongst which ARCNL group leader Oscar Versolato. At the end of the symposium Ubachs will give his valedictory speech entitled ‘Laser spectroscopy, the most precise branch of science’. The invitation is open to everyone, but registration is required on the VU website.

With Ubachs stepping down as ARCNL group leader, the EUV Plasma Processes group will solely be headed by Oscar Versolato. Ubachs will stay involved in ARCNL as a senior scientist.