Successful long-awaited Open Day

Published on October 12, 2022
Photo: Barsha Bhattacharjee

After three years of Covid restrictions, ARCNL together with other research organizations at Amsterdam Science Park welcomed its visitors again for the Open Day on October 1st.

Many of those visitors found their way to the ARCNL building where – amongst other activities –  they saw a demonstration ‘how to print a computer chip with light’, or they went to the labs for a tour. Children participated in the workshop ‘build your own spectrometer’ or joined the research group of Bart Weber to experiment with friction and gravity. Interim director Wim v.d. Zande gave two lectures about ‘smartphones, chips and atoms’.

Photo: Barsha Bhattacharjee

The Amsterdam Science Park Open Day is part of the national week of science. More information on the website.