Editor’s pick

Published on May 30, 2022
Category Nanoscale Imaging and Metrology
Zhouping Lyu in her lab

A recent paper by the Nanoscale Imaging and Metrology group has been selected as Editor’s pick by the Optica Publishing Group.

First author Zhouping Lyu (ARCNL) and her colleagues used wavefront shaping to create focal spots on the multimode fiber output facet. These focal spots can be used for raster-scan imaging through a thin probe and they thoroughly investigated the imaging quality. At first sight it seems obvious that coupling light to the center of a fiber is always a good idea. However, the researchers came up with a somewhat counter-intuitive conclusion, namely that for imaging applications it is better to couple light closer to the fiber core edge.

Zhouping Lyu, Gerwin Osnabrugge, Pepijn W. H. Pinkse and Lyubov V. Amitonova, Focus quality in raster-scan imaging via a multimode fiber, Applied Optics, 61, 4363-4306 (2022).

Read the paper online.