NWO WISE grant for Emilia Olsson

Published on April 15, 2022
Category Materials Theory and Modeling
Photo: Ivar Pel

Emilia Olsson, ARCNL group leader (Materials Theory and Modeling) and assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, has received a Women in Science Excel (WISE) grant amounting to 250.000 euros from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The WISE program gives talented women scientists the opportunity to develop or expand their own research group at one of NWO’s research institutes.

With her WISE Fellowship, Olsson and her team will conduct atomic-scale modeling of solid-state materials to explore and design materials for EUV lithography. Directly probing the materials properties and mechanisms that lead to enhanced and limited performance is challenging. Therefore, the group will develop a computational framework to probe the effect of initial surface structure and deposition on interface formation. These models will allow degradation pathways to be explored at different interface systems, permitting for mitigation and optimisation. Olsson says: “the WISE Fellowship allows us to build an ambitious research project to develop an atomistic understanding of interfacial phenomena in current EUV lithography bottlenecks and future technologies.”

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