Cum laude for PhD defense Francesco Torretti

Published on December 20, 2019
Categories EUV Plasma Processes, Ion Interactions

On Thursday, December 19th Francesco Torretti  (from the ARCNL group EUV Plasma Processes) defended his PhD thesis ‘Spectroscopy of highly-charged Sn ions for extreme ultraviolet nanolithography’ at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Torretti obtained his doctorate degree with the highest level of academic excellence: cum laude, reserved for the top 5% of students.

During the four years of his doctorate research, Torretti studied Sn ions that are responsible for the emission of 13.5 nanometer wavelength radiation in laser-produced-plasma EUV sources with relevance for the nanolithography industry. This work was carried out at ARCNL under the supervision of promotors Wim Ubachs (VU), Ronnie Hoekstra (University of Groningen) and co-promotor Oscar Versolato (VU). Torretti currently works on EUV dose control in the Development & Engineering department of ASML Veldhoven.