Sonia Castellanos accepts position at Inpria

Published on January 20, 2020
Category EUV Photoresists

Group leader and department head Sonia Castellanos (EUV Photoresists) has been offered a position at the American photoresist company Inpria. Castellanos has accepted the offer and will leave ARCNL by 1 March 2020, to start at Inpria with research into the molecular working mechanisms of the EUV photoresist materials that this company produces. Castellanos will carry out her new Inpria-research, while stationed at IMEC, the semiconductor research institute in Leuven, Belgium.

ARCNL director Joost Frenken congratulates Castellanos. He regards the opportunity as “an important sign of appreciation for the quality and originality of the research that has been built up and carried out at ARCNL in the field of EUV photoresist materials and for Castellanos herself, as a leader and expert in the field.”