ARCNL celebrates independency

Published on September 10, 2015
Category General

For a year and a half ARCNL operated as a department of FOM Institute AMOLF, taking advantage of the mother organization and growing rapidly.

On September 3rd, ARCNL and AMOLF staff, together with a group of invitees, celebrated the start of ARCNL as an independent research center. While the sky brightened, people gathered in a tent in front of ARCNL with a glass of champagne to witness the symbolic cutting of the ties between ARCNL and AMOLF. In addition to celebrating this important transition, ARCNL also said goodbye to two people who have played an essential role in ARCNL’s growth. As former Vice-President of Research at ASML, Bart Noordam took the initiative for ARCNL. He launched the idea to start a fundamental research center closely linked to the interests of ASML and coached the early stages as a member of ARCNL’s Governing Board. The second person to say goodbye to was Vinod Subramaniam, who as former Director of FOM Institute AMOLF and former member of the ARCNL Governing Board was of great importance to ARCNL’s first stages. ARCNL is grateful to both Noordam and Subramaniam and wishes them success in their new roles.