Contact Dynamics

Group leader: Dr. Bart Weber

Group Members

Former Group Members


Prof. Dr. Steve Franklin (Visiting Professor at Universiteit van Amsterdam)



Feng-Chun Hsia (left 2022) – now integrator and main delivery owner at ASML

Junxiao Du (left 2022) – now application engineer at ASML



Felix Cassin (left 2022) – now at University of Pittsburgh

Fiona Elam (left 2020) – now application engineer at ASML


Research internships:

Zazo Meijs (MSc. thesis, 2019) – now at ETH Zurich

Daan Haver (MSc. thesis, 2019) – now at University of Amsterdam

Sander de Graaf (BSc. thesis, 2019) – now an Olympic rower and Urban Jungle engineer

Thibault Lancon (Internship 2021) – now studying material engineering in Hungary

Hidde Keupink (BSc. thesis, 2022) – now studying financial management at Nyenrode

Alex Sutton Cook (MSc. thesis, 2021) – now studying at Univeristy of East Anglia

Emeric Sauzeau (Msc. internship, 2021) – now engineer at CNRS, Limoges, France

Qi Wu (MSc. internship, 2020) – now at KU Leuven & IMEC

Vincent Benning (MSc. internship, 2022) – now at Utrecht University

Luuk Duindam (BSc. thesis, 2020)

Daan Smits (BSc. thesis, 2023)