Editor’s choice Applied Physics A

Published on January 26, 2021
Category EUV Generation & Imaging

The journal Applied Physics A has selected a publication from the EUV Generation and Imaging group led by Stefan Witte as this month’s Editor’s Choice. First author Tiago Pinto and his colleagues succeeded in controlling to a certain extent the deformation of tin droplets after they had been hit by a laser beam.

The researchers established the effect by controlling the polarization of the incident laser light. These results are of interest to anybody making or using EUV light sources because it may well be possible to use the technique to create tin droplet shapes that emit EUV light more efficiently. In this particular project the team did not look into this; they focused on being able to steer the deformation process.

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T. de Faria Pinto, J. Mathijssen, R. Meijer, H. Zhang, A. Bayerle, D. Kurilovich, O.O. Versolato, K.S.E. Eikema, S. Witte, Cylindrically and non‑cylindrically symmetric expansion dynamics of tin microdroplets after ultrashort laser pulse impact, Applied Physics A 127, 93 (2020).

Caption: Shadowgram of tin droplet deformation influenced by varying incident laser polarization.