Review of the 1st EUV Light Sources Code Comparison Workshop

Publication date
Reference J. Sheil, O.O. Versolato, V. Bakshi and H. Scott, Review of the 1st EUV Light Sources Code Comparison Workshop, Atoms 11, (10), 130: 1-18 (2023)
Groups EUV Plasma Processes, Plasma Theory and Modeling

We review the results of the 1st Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Light Sources Code Comparison Workshop. The goal of this workshop was to provide a platform for specialists in EUV light source plasma modeling to benchmark and validate their numerical codes using well-defined case studies. Detailed consideration of a plethora of atomic collisional and radiative processes is required for modeling EUV light source plasmas. Eight institutions spanning four countries contributed data to the workshop. Two topics were addressed, namely (i) the atomic kinetics and radiative properties of tin plasmas under EUV-generating conditions and (ii) laser absorption in a fully ionized, one-dimensional hydrogen plasma. In this paper, we summarize the key findings of the workshop and outline plans for future iterations of the code comparison activity.