Electron Capture from Molecular Hydrogen by Metastable Sn2+* Ions

Publication date
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/atoms12020009
Reference K. Bijlsma, L. Oltra, E. de Wit, L. Assink, I. Rabadán, L. Méndez and R. Hoekstra, Electron Capture from Molecular Hydrogen by Metastable Sn2+* Ions, Atoms 12, (2), 9: 1-12 (2024)
Group Ion Interactions

Over a wide and partly overlapping energy range, the single-electron capture cross-sections for collisions of metastable Sn2+(55 P3) (Sn2+∗) ions with H2 molecules were measured (0.1–10 keV) and calculated (0.3–1000 keV). The semi-classical calculations use a close-coupling method on a basis of electronic wavefunctions of the (SnH2)2+ system. The experimental cross-sections were extracted from double collisions in a crossed-beam experiment of Sn3+ with H2. The measured capture cross-sections for Sn2+∗ show good agreement with the calculations between 2 and 10 keV, but increase toward lower energies, whereas the calculations decrease. Additional Landau–Zener calculations were performed and show that the inclusion of spin-orbit splitting cannot explain the large cross-sections at the lowest energies which we now assume to be likely due to vibrational effects in the molecular hydrogen target.