Active Two-Dimensional Steering of Radiation from a Nanoaperture

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Reference L.S. Dreissen, H.F. Schouten, W.M.G. Ubachs, S.B. Raghunathan and T.D. Visser, Active Two-Dimensional Steering of Radiation from a Nanoaperture, Nano Lett. 18, 11: 7207-7210 (2018)
Group EUV Plasma Processes

We experimentally demonstrate control over the direction of radiation of a beam that passes through a square nanoaperture in a metal film. The ratio of the aperture size and the wavelength is such that only three guided modes, each with different spatial symmetries, can be excited. Using a spatial light modulator, the superposition of the three modes can be altered, thus allowing for a controlled variation of the radiation pattern that emanates from the nanoaperture. Robust and stable steering of 9.5° in two orthogonal directions was achieved.