Governing board

The Governing Board is composed of representatives of the partners of ARCNL; the board has a Chairman and five members, supported by a secretary. The Governing Board is responsible for the overall supervision of ARCNL and the director, and acts as decision making body.

  • Prof. dr. Niek Lopes Cardozo, Chairman of the ARCNL Governing Board; member of NWO Executive Board and of the Board of the Foundation NWO-I
  • Prof. dr. Theo Rasing, Director of the Institute of Molecules and Materials of the Radboud University of Nijmegen; member on behalf of NWO
  • Dr. Hein Otto Folkers, Head of Research ASML
  • Prof. dr. Bart Noordam, Vice President Development and Engineering ASML
  • Prof. dr. Guus Schreiber, Dean of the Faculty of Science at VU University Amsterdam
  • Prof. dr. Mark Golden, Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam

The secretary of the ARCNL Governing Board is Miriam Roelofs, LL.M.

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