Prestigious ‘ASML Corporate Fellow’ for Arie den Boef

Published on June 20, 2023
Category Computational Imaging
Left: Jos Benschop Corporate Vice President Technology. Right: Arie den Boef. Credits photo: ASML

At last week’s ASML Technology conference, ARCNL group leader and VU professor Arie den Boef has been awarded with the title of ASML Corporate Fellow. Only one other person currently working for ASML holds this title, which shows the great appreciation of his work for the company ASML.

Den Boef is an expert in the metrology and alignment processes that play such an important role in the ambition to optimize computer chip technology. At ARCNL den Boef and his team are exploring computational imaging techniques to improve optical metrology without using expensive and high-quality optics. In this approach the optical sensor produces imperfect images and smart algorithms are used to correct for the image imperfections.

In addition to his work at ARCNL and ASML, den Boef is also professor of Metrology and Nanolithography at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.