EUV Photoresists

The group EUV Photoresists started on 15th February 2016 and aims at the design and preparation of efficient photoresist materials. For this purpose, the elucidation of the parameters controlling the pattern formation mechanism is required. Therefore, the photochemistry of materials with different chemical composition and molecular structure will be studied in a multidisciplinary fashion.

The need of downscaling electronic components can be addressed by shortening the wavelength of the light source in the photolithographic methods that are used for pattern transfer. Decreasing the wavelength down to the extreme UV range, though, means an increase in the energy, which makes photons expensive and the control on the processes they induce on the photoresist challenging.

In order to take full-profit of EUV lithography an understanding of the photochemistry behind it is fundamental. Playing with the elemental composition of the photoresist and tuning the properties that derive from their molecular structure through smart molecular design, the effect of EUV irradiation can be studied and comprehended. In this way novel photoresist materials with high sensitivity and able to afford good resolution could be conceived.

The EUV Photoresist Materials group aims at the synthesis of materials and the investigation of their photo-induced mechanism in the different materials in collaboration with the Nanophotochemistry group.

euv photoresists castellanos ortega euv triggered mechanisms

Scheme showing possible EUV-triggered mechanisms that lead to solubility contrast.