Low-energy electrons: Lithography, Imaging, and Soft Matter
17-19 November 2021

Program & Invited speakers

LEELIS 2021 Program

LEELIS2021 Poster Program

Invited speakers

  • Roberto Fallica (IMEC, Belgium) – Electron distribution of EUV photoresist during exposure: a model
  • Subrata Ghosh (IIT Mandi, India) – Organics to improve performance of inorganic resists: A case study with e-beam and He-ion beam lithography
  • Jacob Hoogenboom (TU-Delft, Netherlands) – Visualizing low energy electron – molecule interactions in space and time
  • Anne Lafosse (CNRS, France) – Electron induced physical-chemical modifications – towards quantitative data
  • Eliska Materna Mikmekova (ISI Brno, Czech Rep.) – Study of nanomaterials by ultra low energy electron microscopy/spectroscopy outside ultra high vacuum
  • David Prendergast (LBNL, USA) – Ab-initio modeling of EUV-induced processes
  • Alex Robinson (Univ. Birmingham, Irresistible Materials Ltd, UK) – Optimising the Multi Trigger EUV Resist
  • Jara Santaclara (ASML, Netherlands) – t.b.a.
  • John Villarrubia (NIST, USA) – A new electron yield measurement system for model validation