Low-energy electrons: Lithography, Imaging, and Soft Matter
17-19 November 2021

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Latest update LEELIS2021:
An e-mail with practical information and the link for access to the sessions has been sent to all registered participants. If you have registered and not received this message, please contact leelis@arcnl.nl ASAP.

We are pleased to announce the LEELIS2021 workshop, a unique platform to focus on the role of low-energy electrons in imaging and nanolithography. While low-energy electrons play a key role in very diverse processes, ranging from radiology to astrochemistry, they are of particular importance for industrial extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL), Focused electron beam induced processing (FEBIP) and low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM). In these examples, electron-sensitive material (photoresists, precursor molecules, soft matter) is exposed to ionizing radiation and low-energy electrons. However, we know little of how low-energy electrons propagate in different materials, or how they induce chemical reactions. Filling this knowledge gap is essential for moving EUVL, FEBIP and LEEM forward, and particularly for pushing lithography to its physical limits.

Following the success of the earlier three LEELIS workshops, we address the interactions between low-energy electrons and matter from different perspectives. We will bring together experts from complementary fields such as condensed matter physics, engineering and electron-induced chemistry to come to novel insights on the physics and chemistry of low-energy electron processes.

LEELIS2021 will be an on-line workshop. Unfortunately, the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 are too big to prepare for an on-site meeting in November, 2021. We realize that the pandemic caused the cancellation of the closely related FEBIP-2020 workshop and forced ELENA-2021 to go on-line. LEELIS2021 is welcoming contributions from these communities as well. We feel that it is important to keep the interaction within these communities alive and through LEELIS2021 we wish to provide an opportunity to meet and share results.


  • Fred Brouwer (University of Amsterdam, ARCNL, Netherlands)
  • Sonia Castellanos Ortega (Inpria, Belgium)
  • Kees Hagen (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)

Important dates

  • LEELIS2021 Workshop 17-19 Nov. 2021
  • Registration starts Sept. 17-Nov. 15: is now closed!
  • Abstract submission for poster presentation open until Sunday, November 7, Midnight (CET+1): is now closed!